14 February 2014

On February 14, 2014 the National Institute of Higher Education (Minsk) hosted an international conference of the project EUROSTUDENT-NIS. The conference launched the practical part of the research in the region of CIS countries and Georgia. The Conference was attended by the heads of the European consortium EUROSTUDENT - Dominic Orr (Germany), Martin Unger (Austria) and Alexander Khvorostov (Austria) .

Conference was opened by the Belarusian Deputy Minister of Education Viktor Yakzhik and National Institute of Higher Education Rector Mikhail Demchuk. Heads of the national teams from Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine as well as heads of the European consortium EUROSTUDENT and regional EUROSTUDENT-NIS cluster presented reports.

Over 50 people attended the plenary session. Among them
- Representatives of the Information Analytical Center under the President of the Republic of Belarus;
- Head of the Information office of the Council of Europe;
- Representatives of the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States;
- Head of the Information Office of the German Academic Exchange Service in Minsk ;
- Representatives of the National Tempus Office in Belarus and National Higher Education Reform Experts;
- Rectors of Belarusian HEIs;
- Leaders of student governments from leading universities, representatives of student organizations;
- Known social scientists from universities and research institutions of the National Academy of Sciences;
- Colleagues from the Office of European expertise and communications.

At the conference each participating country presented members of their national research team and talked about approaches they would use to organize EUROSTUDENT-NIS activities in their country.