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CApacity BUilding for Integrating GAMe-Based Learning in Education Science Through Teacher Training in Western Balkans Countries

Objective of the project is to develop a joint, accessible and successful system of use of Game-Based Learning (GBL) approach and to build capacities for integrating GBL practices in Education Science and to contribute to the training of university and non-university teachers in Western Balkan countries.  
Specific objectives are:

-Representative centres in Western Balkans Partner Countries for GBL and a network including teacher training centres to share innovative practices;
-Online resource base to support Education Science teachers and head management in integrating GBL in classroom teaching and school-based management;
-Handbook on regional guidelines on curriculum framework and standards of GBL infusion by university and non-university teachers
  Project outcomes:
-Representative GBL approach advisory centres in WB partner countries
-Online data base, resource  and reference tool
-Final conferences in WB partner countries

- Handbook on regional guidelines, curriculum framework and standards of GBL infusion by teachers
-  Teacher standards for competencies in ICT
-  Prototype course units and modules with integrated GBL in Education Science
-  Material and equipment packages for realization of GBL training and operational activities of representative centres.

Vienna University of Technology (Austria)
Latvia Culture college (Latvia)
Burgas Free University (Bulgaria)
"Aleksandër Moisiu" University of Durrës (Albania)
Marin Barleti University  (Albania)
University for Business and Technology College (Kosovo)

Project contact:
Ms. Rezarta Mersini
Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Information Technology
"Aleksandër Moisiu" University of Durrës
Durrës, Albania