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Brief description of the joint project

"Enhancing laboratory skills"

These courses will introduce the student to the skills and techniques needed to work in the laboratory.

Main courses offered by the EU partner include:

  • Good Laboratory Practices: Courses will offer introductions to the principles of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).  These courses may also include some practical experience in a GLP setting.
  • Instrumentation: These courses will introduce core laboratory equipment, measurement and calibration using electronic balances, volumetric apparatus and pH meters.  Chromatography, spectrometry (UV, IR, NIR) and electrophoresis are methods that will be also included.
  • Course evaluation
      • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of fundamental laboratory equipment and apparatus.
      • Understand and use terminology used in analytical laboratories
      • Understand and apply the principles of laboratory practicals
      • Understand potential hazards in the use and disposal of laboratory chemicals
      • Understand the elements of the laboratory quality system

Bernadette Oakenfull  B.J.Oakenfull@greenwich.ac.uk 
Business Development Manager
School of Science
University of Greenwich