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Title of the project: Mechanical Engineering Masters with skills in Project, Innovation and Technology Transfer Management

Type of the project: Joint Project

National Priorities for Joint Projects in UA/BY/AZ: Curriculum Reform – Modernization of curricula with 3 cycle structure, ECTS and degree recognition in Engineering and engineering trades

Subject Area Code: Mechanical Engineering

Duration: 3 years

Budget: up to 1500000 Euro

Wider Project Objective is to adjust the Partner Country (PC) University Master Programs in Mechanical Engineering in accordance with the modern labor market requirements aiming to improve skills of graduates in Project, Innovation and Technology Transfer Management.  

Project Specific Objectives:

  • To modernize Curricula in Mechanical Engineering of PC Universities participated in the project with aim to enhance graduates’ skills in Project, Innovation and Technology Transfer Management (PITTM) during the 1st project year;
  • To retrain PC University teachers in the PITTM field, create Resource Centres equipped by the advanced software and basing on the EU practice and documents, including the Training Framework for European Technology Transfer Managers, to develop modules/courses as well as necessary manuals, data bases, case studies and other teaching materials in Project, Innovation and Technology Transfer Management for the modernized Master Programs during the 2nd project year;
  • To carry out training of Master students in frames of the modernized programs since September 2015 and basing on the feedback from students, teachers and employers to improve Curricula, content of modules/courses and teaching process till the project end.

Please contact:

Yuliya Lashyna
project manager
International Projects Department
National Technical University of Ukraine
"Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"

+38 (044) 406-80-19