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For the last few years for the chemical, oil-and-gas, food, building industries and other branches of the Uzbekistan economy, here at Tashkent chemical technological institute (TCTI) we have prepared over 10 thousand highly skilled engineers - technologists, on a direction of education over 1000 bachelors and about 30 masters on specialities. Over 40 doctors of sciences and about 138 candidates of sciences work on chairs and in research laboratories . Many graduates of our institute are active in the life of our Republic and occupy high posts in the state structures, at the enterprises of our Republic and in other states of CIS.

Now ТCТI is considered to be one of the leading base of higher educational institutions and an education system of the Republic. The institute takes a worthy place among other higher institutions on rating parameters in educational, methodical, research work, in spiritual - educational, and other fields of activity.

The  “Technology of silicate materials and rare precious metals”  department of TCTI  prepares both bachelors and magistrates.To link the educational process with the manufacturing the thematic of the diploma works of the bachelors and magistrates dissertations are focused on solving the problems of the enterprises  of glass, ceramic and knitting materials, noble and rare metals production. It is “Bottles systems”, “Asl oyna”, “Oniks-Farfor” manufacture union, Tashkent construction materials plants, “Art Gloss Galery” manufacture ceramic tiles’ enterprise, “Ogneupor”OAS, Tashkent feature ceramic’s plants and others enterprises.

In Tashkent province brick manufacture enterprises (“Olmaliq brick’s plant”, Chuqursoy brick’s plant and so on), “Ohangaroncement”, “Ohangaronshifer”, “Quvasoycement”, “Bekobodcement”, “Qizilcement”, “Olmaliq TMK” OAS, “Navoi TMK” SE, “Ingichka” TMTE OAS, “Shurtan GCHC” OAS, OAS Tashkent plant of  preparing colored metals’ slice and repreparing  theirs waste, “Uz Met Konbinat” AICHB, “Uzbekistan QEOMK” OAS, Xonjiza BF OAS, Navoi TMK SE  and etc. at some of those enterprises subsidiaries of the department were established.

In the attached file we are sending you a partner research form, we would be grateful if you considered this collaboration opportunity which will benefit both our institutions.

Sincerely, docent of "Technology of silicate materials and rare precious metalls" department, PhD in technics

Babakhanova Zebo Abdullaevna